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Welcome to the Spaceship obsessed podcast Space Dock Jury.

We cover all spaceships and space faring vehicles from film, TV, books, comics and video games as the three hosts "discuss" their ships and try to plot their statistics against their ever shifting scoring system. 

So take a listen - Warning: May Cause Geek Rage

Aug 23, 2018

Welcome aboard the Great Derelict!

This week Andy is joined by his Podcast Husband Elton McManus to marvel and wonder at the newly announced Spaceforce and wonder if its the dawn of a glorious new era, or just more of a farce?

We might get a little political here, so warnings and apologies in advance 

As mentioned in...

Aug 13, 2018

Welcome aboard the Great Derelict!

This is a little bit different, I recently attended the Nineworlds convention in London, and was asked to contribute to a panel on Star Trek Discovery, and with the kind permission of the panelists I am making the recording available for your listening pleasure here.

My co panelists...