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Welcome to the Spaceship obsessed podcast Space Dock Jury.

We cover all spaceships and space faring vehicles from film, TV, books, comics and video games as the three hosts "discuss" their ships and try to plot their statistics against their ever shifting scoring system. 

So take a listen - Warning: May Cause Geek Rage

Jul 30, 2016

Welcome to this weeks episode of Space Dock Jury. This week we get down and evil with three foul ships of fear and dread… Peter brings the dreaded Necrons from Warhammer 40K, Andy brings the ISG Ishimura from Dead Space and Lee rather unwisely brings the only space craft not seen leaving the ground in…

Jul 26, 2016

Three men, three opinions, three rounds of booze and the third star trek film Lee, Andy and Pete review Star Trek Beyond at the O2 in Greenwich… Sorry about the sound quality…

Jul 24, 2016

With the reveal of the USS Discovery for the new Star Trek show titled Star Trek Discovery at San Diego Comic Con, Lee, Pete and Andy return for an impromptu minisode to cast their eye over this latest canonical Trek ship.

Jul 23, 2016

Join Lee and Andy in a darkened corner of the Space Dock Jury studio out of ear shot from Peter as they furtively discuss their appreciation for the 2009 release of Star Trek directed by JJ Abrams. But its not all rosy as Star Trek Into Darkness still rightly gets a kickin’…

Jul 16, 2016

Welcome to this weeks full episode of Space Dock Jury. This week we’re haulin’ freight about, tugging loads from one system to the next when Andy brings the Firefly class ship “The Serenity”, Lee brings the haunted house on engines the USCSS Nostromo and Peter dives into the pages of 2000AD to represent the...