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Welcome to the Spaceship obsessed podcast Space Dock Jury.

We cover all spaceships and space faring vehicles from film, TV, books, comics and video games as the three hosts "discuss" their ships and try to plot their statistics against their ever shifting scoring system. 

So take a listen - Warning: May Cause Geek Rage

Dec 18, 2017

Andy once again boards the derelict that was formally known as Spacedock Jury (but now goes by the moniker 'symbol') to discuss the latest offering from the house of Mouse 'Star Wars - The Last Jedi' along with Sean McGowan, late of 'The Question' Podcast

We tackle the big questions:

Is it the Best Star Wars film ever? (no) 

Is it worse than Attack of the Clones? (no)

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen Swallow?

Spoilers abound right out of the gate, so if you haven't seen the film DO NOT LISTEN! There is no non spoiler section!