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Welcome to the Spaceship obsessed podcast Space Dock Jury.

We cover all spaceships and space faring vehicles from film, TV, books, comics and video games as the three hosts "discuss" their ships and try to plot their statistics against their ever shifting scoring system. 

So take a listen - Warning: May Cause Geek Rage

Feb 15, 2018

This week Andy is joined aboard the Great Derelict by Dave Probert and Jen Williams to discuss Star Trek's latest incarnation 'Discovery'

What did we think of the cast? (loved them) What did we think of the Story? (enjoyed it) are we looking forward to season 2? (yes) Can you hear me Steven? (Yes we can hear you Clem...

Feb 9, 2018

Welcome aboard the Great Derelict 

In this episode Andy is joined by Elton McManus from Rogue Two Media as they geek out over some exciting recent developments in space travel and look toward the immediate future wondering how long it will be until a human will walk on Mars - Click here to...

Feb 3, 2018

Welcome my friends aboard the Great Derelict

Spacedock Jury is gone and consigned to the annals of history, This new show will allow your host, Andy, to guide you through the familiar, and some of the more obscure aspects of Science Fiction and Spaceships and maybe even the occasional flying submarine.

So come join us...