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Welcome to the Spaceship obsessed podcast Space Dock Jury.

We cover all spaceships and space faring vehicles from film, TV, books, comics and video games as the three hosts "discuss" their ships and try to plot their statistics against their ever shifting scoring system. 

So take a listen - Warning: May Cause Geek Rage

Apr 11, 2018

This week aboard the Derelict Andy is joined once again by the Lords of the Admiralty (or was it Council of Moffs?)

Moff Dave Probert, Moff Murray Christison and Grand Mothra The Llama God gather to discuss if it was really such a good idea building not just 1, but 2 planet destroying super weapons which seem to have a...

Apr 4, 2018

Welcome back to the Great Derelict!

This week Andy is joined by Ann-Marie and Peter Organ to celebrate 'First Contact Day' the day when Humanity met the Vulcans, as seen in Star Trek First Contact, and ask, did Picard accidentally step on a Butterfly while he was there and make a mess of the Time-Line?

You can listen to...

Mar 14, 2018

This week on the Great Derelict Andy is joined by The Llama God to give him an introduction to Transformers, From Toys, to Cartoon, to Comic to film and back again.almost everything you never knew you didn't want to know!

As mentioned in the Cast, you can find The Llama God on Twitter - 

Feb 28, 2018

This week Andy is joined aboard the Great Derelict by Anne-Marie Organ from the bOrgcast for a little chat about Aliens, no not those ones, the more general ExtraTerrestrial non humans (although a lot are very close to humans)

We Learn about 'Stumpy' no-doubt enrage a lot of Dr Who fans, and wonder if Picard knew there...

Feb 22, 2018

This week aboard the Derelict Andy is joined by the Lords of the Admiralty

Admiral Dave Probert, Admiral Murray Christison and Devine Vorlon Deity The Llama God to sit in judgement over the Crew of NCC-1701-D and find out just who is to blame for the Flagship of the Federation being lost over Veridian III.

Please note...